What is PrimaryPad?

What is PrimaryPad useful for?

Getting ideas, collaborating, sharing and quickly posting pieces of information when working in a group or collaborative environment. Improving important typing and english skills aswell as critical thinking.

Why is PrimaryPad better than any other web based collaborative document editor?

PrimaryPad was conceived by a teacher and is built for schools so we kept things fun, simple, fast and user friendly. The timeslider is a fantastic tool for assessment and PrimaryPad integrates seamlessly with Wordle, PrimaryWall, PrimaryPaint.

Here is our top 10 of why we are the best really-real time collaborative editor for schools

  1. PrimaryWall sticky notes integration
  2. PrimaryPaint drawing integration
  3. Not blocked by filters in most districts/areas
  4. Incredibly stable
  5. We have a business model built around our service so we’re not going anywhere
  6. Copy pad and make template feature
  7. Speech to text (currently Google Chrome only)
  8. Wordle word visualiser integration
  9. Import/export
  10. Image upload/insert inline

Not to mention Shibboleth integration, phone support and we’re run by Primary Technology. One of the worlds finest Educational web service provider.

Who runs PrimaryPad?

Primary Technology ® operate this website. Primary Technology is a UK based company that provides ICT services to Education worldwide. Primary Technology also provide a range of tools both offline and online.

Really-real time Collaborative tools:

Online tools for teachers:

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Online tools for parents:

Offline tools for schools:

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